Our banner at the top of the page shows a good shelter! Lean a few sticks here and there, and you’re good.

If you’re hunting in your back forty, your survival kit might be a throwaway poncho. But if you’re out of state, hunting in a state or national park, where fires are not allowed or there is no shade, consider a tarp. A 4 ft. 6″ x 6 ft. 6″ Camouflage Tarp or 8 x 10 reversible blue/silver tarp cost around $4 to $6 bucks respectively. You can roll a tarp around a belt with all your survival gear tucked inside and wear it around your waist. Or if you carry a small pack on such trips, they won’t take up much space. You can get eight stakes out of a couple of your wifes rusty old coat hangers (she’ll be glad to get rid of them). Some nylon cord and you’re good.

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