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We hope to give and get tips etc. about life outdoors. If you have tips, stories, or how to articles, you can contact us to register and comment on the pages or e-mail us at You must have a genuine e-mail address.

Apparently some folks are upset about the election.  They’re taking it out on prodoggle. So unfortunately you can no longer self register.

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The ice is off the ponds now and the green things will start to grow. We’ll soon have some new pics and stories and maybe some videos. Feel free to jump right in here with stuff from other parts of the country or the world. If you can’t figure out how to add pics or videos, email them and we’ll get them on the site.

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Help us out

We’re workin on getting some stories and pictures for the site, but with the economy, we’re in survival mode and it’s slow going. This site is for dummies as well as practicing outdoorsmen, so any thing you think is worth knowing, no matter how common you think it is, you should post. Comment on the appropriate page, or reply to this and we’ll copy it to another page. Reply to this post with any interesting or funny stories about life under the stars. Help us out.

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